Constant learning and on the other hand constant teaching and mentoring is part of modern life in every field. However in music, this concept is as old as music itself. The classical music of India traditionally is based on Gurukul, a residential institu-tion run by the guru for teaching, mentoring and coaching his students in a holistic manner. For a disciple the Guru is much more a guardian than just a teacher. In Hindi we say: “Guru bina kauna batáve báta!” (Who except the Guru will show the way?) Thus the Guru, like a parent, takes care of the disciple in every aspect and ex-tends to him his unqualified support, building the disciple’s career. Having received so much from the Guru, the time comes when the disciple wants to do something for his Guruji, and then everything he does becomes an expression of gratitude towards his beloved Guruji.
           In 2003 Dr Darekar established an institution, to propagate classical music amongst the youth, calling it Swaranjali. Kahlil Gibran said: “Work is love made visible.” In this way the purpose of Swaranjali is to make visible the gratitude he feels towards his Guruji and continue the path chalked out by him: to carry on his social work and to perpetuate and expand his life-work.
           Throughout the year this institution arranges music concerts in honour of outstanding musicians, lecture demonstrations on vari-ous subjects to spread the knowledge of mu-sic and its history, and to provide platform for upcoming artists to sing in public.
           The second objective of this institution is to provide monetary assistance to Gurus as well as scholarships to students who are striving hard to preserve or to pursue the great tradition of Indian Classical Music.
           To realize these goals, funds are required and if you want to be part of this endeav-our, your donations are very welcome.

Donations made to Swaranjali, Pune, are eligible to Tax Exemption – u/s 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

NOTE: Please make your crossed cheque or Demand Draft payable to: Swaranjali Pune

Mailing Address:   Swaranjali, Pune
                                   Flat # C-303, 38/1 Alaknanda Society, Kothrud
                                   Pune 411 038  Maharashtra   INDIA

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