Dr Mohankumar Darekar – The Teacher
Dr Mohankumar Darekar is a teacher who, having gone through a very efficient training himself, knows the difficulties of a student and has the capability to meet his students on their levels – beginners as well as  advanced students. His open-mindedness allows him to focus on the student’s abilities which he enhances and leads to blossoming. In this way the student’s creativity is developed from peak to peak and to ever new hights.  Realising his disciple’s skill Pt Jitendra Abhisheki encouraged him early to start teaching as early as 1988.

Dr Darekar says about the process of teaching and learning: “In the process music moulds the character of a person. The entire outlook on life changes with reaching deeper levels of the art. Spiritual insights and knowledge are gained, through music and especially through the practice of long hours of riyaz, the mind becomes tranquil and meditative which in turn strengthens the personality as a whole. An unperturbed mind is the basis for alertness in study and a good memory while it strengthens the thinking process, creativity, precision, discipline, mental flexibility, intelligence, physical stamina, and last though not least will power – actually all the faculties that a good performer and musician requires.”

Dr Darekar arranges for his students to sing in front of each other right from the start and, as the student grows, also in public. For this purpose he founded Swaranjali Pune in 2003, an institution for the enhancement of the Hindustani Classical Music.
His teaching activities are not restricted to local students. Internet facilities allow students to move to other places without loosing touch with their Guruji.
Furthermore, Dr Darekar arranges seminars, gives lecture demonstrations and coaches master class students, being a recognised Guru of the University of Pune.

Dr Darekar with students at Bharat Gayan Samaj on 22.8.2008 where they presented
compositions by Dr Suneeta Khadilkar (front row middle)
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