Dr Mohankumar Darekar The Composer

Creativity is a very important and useful power in the human mind and can be applied to every fields of life, be it in the realm of arts - in singing, composing, dancing, writing, painting, sculpturing, etc. or to enhance the efficiency in practical works like management, invention, teaching, studies, sports etc.

Composing music is a very rewarding art when inspired by the Lord's grace. As long as a composition results from a calculating brain, the creation will be mathematical and, as a consequence, it will be dry and unappealing. Whereas, when the composition springs from the heart, it is creative and full of expression and feeling. Only then it can rightfully be called art.

Dr Mohankumar Darekar grew up, imbibing music right from his childhood. Hearing music, learning music, singing and reading poetry as well as prose intensely, he build up a very rich treasure house which was to enhance his creative faculties to a large extend. Realizing that faculty within himself, he started composing, while still marvelling at the miraculous experience of composing. Up to this date Dr Darekar has set to tune numerous poems of well-acclaimed Maharashtrian poets like Kusumagraj, Mangesh Padgonkar, Yashvant Dev, Gangadhar Mahambare, Anil Kambale, Dhananjaya Tadwalkar, Rajendra Shaha and Jotsna Chandgude and has written and composed several beautiful bandish like PRABHU DARASA DEHO in rága Basanta Mukhárí and DEVÍ DAYÁNÍ in rága Parameshvarí.

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