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Students can Learn to sing properly with Indian Classical based singing lessons. Such lessons are the foundation for any style of music. The knowledge of Classical Ragas and Indian Scales, Alankars & Tanpura based practice is must for a serious singer.
Need quick or specific lessons? Just select a lesson or sheet music of your choice. After you confirm and send the payment, you receive downloading instructions for your lesson audio or Sheet music.

Whether you are at your home or office, or even on the move, with only a laptop and a decent Internet connection you can learn music online.

Live chat with Sangeetacharya Dr Mohan- kumar Darekar and a web Conferencing will be a medium for training.

Send me a mail on darekar.mohan@gmail.com to get the information of the training.

Darekar's Notes is the place on the Internet where you can get personalized live music lessons. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, you would find lessons and resources for improving your musical skills.

Raga Gyan
This section helps you understand the concepts underlying Hindustani classical music. The following articles take you through the basics so that you can appreciate Indian classical music in a better way.

Introduction to Indian Classical Music
Indian classical music is a tradition nearly three thousand years old, the basis of which can be traced to the holy scriptures of the Hindus, the Vedas.
Swara-s and Saptak
Swara-s mean musical notes and saptak means a group of seven notes. This article discusses the basic scale used in Indian classical music and its comparison with Western music.
What is a Rãga?
The raga is the basis of melody in both forms of Indian classical music. It is a complex and abstract concept, yet it comes naturally to a lot of people and they are able to recognize raga-s by listening.
Introduction to Tãla
The term tala literally means rhythm and rhythm is an integral part of any form of music. In Indian classical music, the tala can be quite intricate and complex.


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