Dr Mohankumar Darekar’s book MAZE JEEVAN GANE is based on his PhD ( the-ses, ) entitled: Pt Jitendra Abhisheki’s Contributions to Indian Classical Music. The book deviates from the original in that it omits some of the very technical parts in order to maintain the flow. The details on the person of his Gurují including substantial quotes from eminent contemporaries and disciples of Pt Jitendra Abhisheki have been expanded.

What can a student of music look for in this volume? A goldmine! Opening Chapter 13 a prospective performer finds detailed instructions for voice training, increase of voice-range, and ways of pondering over and efficiently practising rágas and bandish. Since these are based on the personal experience of the maestro himself they will prove very valuable if followed faithfully. –It is indeed a bless-ing that such a treasure should be handed to us.

Furthermore, Dr Darekar shows what influences have contributed to forming a musician like Panditji, by giving an account of his upbringing, the problems he had to negotiate, and by describing his gurus diverse musical background, thus illustrating how an ardent music-lover can, with unwavering perseverance and an open-minded receptiveness, mould himself or allow himself to be moulded by his gurus and life itself.

Dr Darekar takes the reader as far back as the second half of the 19th century laying special emphasis on the Khurja Gharána, a very authentic gharána, which was founded by Zahúr Khán. This gharána excels in a charismatic rendering style and has become famous for its tána patterns and its grandeur of rhythmic patterns that are presented with complete ease, emphasising clear pronunciation of words and apt expression of feeling as well as correctness in the science of rága. This gharána includes names like Ustád Azmat Husen Khán alias Dilrang alias Maukash who was one of Pt Abhisheki’s gurus, Gaphúr Khán (Baksha Kámil), Altaf Husen Khán, a composer in his own right, and Vahíd Khán alias Vahidrang alias Prabhudás.

In his review of Dr Darekar’s book the critic Dr Vidyut Katagade agrees fully with Gangadhar Mahambare who wrote in his Foreword: “This book is very useful for any music-lover, any student, any friend or relative of Pt Jitendra Abhishekí’s ... Every chapter of this book the reader will find enjoyable, and I am convinced that everybody will gain new insights into music and will derive inspiration for her or his art.”

Vidyut Katagade calls this book ‘a blessing’ and ‘a treasure’ and concludes his book review with the outcry: “... one is distressed that Darekar’s book reaches only a part of Marathi population – and no further” and he dreads that “most youth would just be copying ‘on hand’ cassettes and CDs or would be left grop-ing in dark corridors of institutions where ‘Gurukula’ is just a catchy jingle”. – Vidyut Katagade will be glad to learn that an English version of the forthcoming second edition of MAZE JÍVAN GANE is under way.

Maze Jeevan Gane  (2nd expanded Marathi edition)
Dr Mohankumar Darekar is presently working on the second, expanded edition. It will include more quotes from eminent contemporaries and disciples of Pt Jitendra Abhisheki  and latest research on Panditji’s rich legacy.

Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki – A Life Dedicated To Music

"Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki – A Life Dedicated To Music", An English version of Dr Mohankumar Darekar’s book Maze Jeevan Gane has just been published. It has been prepared in close collaboration with the author by Sophia Rix  (one of the maestro’s German disciples). It includes additional materials of the expanded, second edition.


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