Dr Mohankumar Darekar  

His highly developed sense for music rooted in his deep respect and love for music allows Dr Darekar to amalgamate the technical intricacies of various gharánas without violating the aesthetics of any one of these styles. While enjoying Dr Mohankumar Darekar’s performance the listener is being carried on the wings of a dynamic music, ever changing, ever displaying newer and newer vistas of the rich beauty of Indian Classical Music. Not only is Dr Darekar a master of rága music but he sings beautifully in lighter styles, too, like Thumrí, Dádra, Tappa, Gazal, Natyasangít, Bhávgít, and Bhajan.

About his work he says: “My efforts are directed towards promoting and perpetuating the tradition of Indian classical music because there lies a great treasure in music which I feel, needs to be taken out into the world. As was the motto of my Guruji, Pt Jitendra Abhisheki, regarding his dedication in performing, teaching, and composing, my ceaseless commitment is: always giving the best, showing the beauty, awakening the love for music in my listeners, and helping the students to unfold their own creativity and abilities.

“How do I accomplish this? On one hand through performances and teaching and on the other hand through publications. I am open for everything that enhances the appreciation of music and furthers its development – not by label, dogma, and ranking but by unfolding and supporting whatever is beautiful in the music of any part of the globe, of any school or epoch. The same seven notes are the musician’s language everywhere. For me, as it was for my Guruji, there are no watertight compartments of schools and gharanas.  As all human beings belonging to one great wholeness that should not be divided into races, creeds, and casts but should be respected for their individuality. In my opinion, music should not be ranked by its different types. Its quality should be at its highest, that alone should be the criteria. Therefore my desire for music was and always will be: quality singing, i.e. striving to the best of my ability to give expression to the beauty, the majesty, the tenderness of music, touching the human heart through the full range of emotions, reaching the loftiest heights of devotion in direct contact with God.“
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